Amber Cope, Angela Cope @ Maxim, USA, March 2012

Amber Nicole Cope is a professional racing driver. Along with her twin sister, Angela Cope, she made NASCAR history on October 23, 2010 by being the first twins to compete in one of the top three series in NASCAR. That day they made their NASCAR debut in the Camping World Truck Series in Martinsville, VA. Amber finished 26th and Angela finished 30th. She born August 18, 1983.

Amber and Angela's grandfather, Donald Cope, began his racing career at age 18 in 1955. Donald drag-raced motorcycles until 1957. Don and his brothers, Guy and Jerry, then raced front-motor top-fuel dragsters in 1958.

By 1964, brothers Don and Jerry moved to the Pacific Northwest and set up residence. They established a family business, “The Cope Brothers Machine Shop,” in Spanaway, Washington, to support their three children (Derrike, Darren, and Tamara).

In 1966, the brothers got back into the drag-racing scene and took the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) Division Six Championship in 1970. Although they were never far from the racing scene, they continued their successful family business. The Cope Family has maintained their passion for racing down through the generations.