Natalia Siwiec Polish Model in Playboy Magazine Poland August 2012

Natalia Siwiec is an top polish model. She born on 1983. 

Sizzling Polish goddess Natalia Siwiec made Euro Cup 2012.  Fans drool as the bounce of her bosom distracted from the balls on the pitch. This bombshell soccer sex kitten is enough to make you miss the next Gooooaaal! while you daydream about a different kind of scoring play.

Natalia Siwiec  is Larissa Riquelme of Euro 2012. Look at her, she's really hot and gorgeous.

Natalia Siwiec made a splash with fans at Euro Cup 2012.
Polish model Natalia Siwiec has decided to show her disdain for Sol Campbell's claims in a BBC Panorama documentary that fans travelling to Euro 2012 'could  come back in a coffin'.

She wore a T-shirt which bore the words 'Bad Boy Campbell' (spelling BBC in an acrostic) and on the back, 'BBC is wrong!'.

Wiwiec is not the only person to criticise the BBC and Campbell - England fans also mocked his pre-tournament advice to stay away.

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